Amherst Historical Society's Old Home Day

Our town’s newest tradition, a free day of fun in the Village that includes most of Amherst’s civic groups—and offers something for everyone between 10 and 4 on September 8!

Amherst Town Library's Book Sale – September 15th! 

One of the largest book sales in NH, this event offers more than 17,000 books, DVDs, and CDs, almost all of which have been donated by our book loving and generous community.

Amherst Garden Club Launches 48th Year

September 6th – Morning Meeting

Talk by Former Lead Gardener at Cathedral of the Pines

Do you look forward to spring for the beauty that your gardens produce? Do you love your gardens but not the seemingly endless hours of maintenance that they demand? Have you ever found yourself resenting your gardens because their care prevents you from pursuing other interests? And finally, have you come to the painful realization that you and your gardens have aged and changed over time?

On Thursday, September 6 the Amherst Garden Club will launch another year of fun and informative gardening programs with Ann McEntee presenting “Aging Gardens, Aging Gardeners.” Ann will respond to the questions above and help us come to terms with our aging, but very much beloved gardens. Come learn strategies for gardening more wisely: taking care of yourself as you garden; assessing your home landscape; prioritizing garden tasks; managing mature plants; and creating smaller, simpler gardens.

Today Ann works as a garden design consultant and speaker. She also teaches landscape history and garden courses at Keene State College’s Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning.

Please join the Amherst Garden Club at the Messiah Lutheran Church 303 Route 101, Amherst. The business meeting will take place at 9:15, followed by refreshments, and the program will begin at 10:30 AM. Open to the public with no fee.

September 6th – Afternoon Meeting

Invasive Plants in New Hampshire

The September evening meeting of the Amherst Garden Club will feature garden club member Anne Krantz talking about “Invasive Plants in New Hampshire.” The meeting is held at Parkhurst Place in Amherst on Thursday, September 6 from 7-8:30 pm. It is hard to find anyone’s property that isn’t riddled with invasive plants. This will be a good opportunity to put a name to your invasive plants and learn some up to date methods of control. You are welcome to bring in a sample plant from your yard, please no poison ivy!

After completing two comprehensive UNH Extension programs: the Tree Steward program and the Master Gardener program, Anne became aware of the irritation and frustration of invasive plant species for home gardeners.  Since then she has had the opportunity to learn about the invasive plants in Amherst through various Conservation Commission efforts, and her own volunteer projects. This summer Anne participated in another invasive plants workshop to learn about up-to-date methods of control. This is a rare opportunity to get some valuable information on these plants. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this meeting. It may be impossible to irradiate them, but many working against them can make a dent in their progression.

The meeting will take place at 7:00 pm at Parkhurst Place, 11 Veterans Road, Amherst, NH.   The public is welcome to attend with no fee.


M   E   D   I   A        G   R   O   U   P