Two-Part Series at Amherst Town Library, April 23&30

Ever looked at a painting, print or sculpture and wondered what it was actually all about? Come explore the history of symbolism, more.

Jazz Night #3 at Souhegan High School

Come enjoy the upbeat, foot thumping music at SHS performed by the Keene Jazz Orchestra! School jazzz bands will highlight the evening.

Amherst Garden Club – May 2 Programs

Northeast Hydrangeas

Cheryl MonroeMorning Program

AMHERST – Hydrangeas for the Northeast means how to get reliable Mophead and Lacecap hydrangea blooms and how it can be tricky in the Northeast.  Join us at the Amherst Garden Club’s morning program, Thursday May 2 to learn the “Care and pruning of your Hydrangeas” and get the answers to your questions such as “why won’t my hydrangeas bloom?”

Hydrangeas are not only stunningly beautiful garden plants, they are remarkably resilient if you plant the right ones for your garden.

Our speaker Cheryl Monroe will cover zone/climate and the best bloomers, native selections.  Her presentation will cover Hydrangeas for sun, shade and in-between, and best of all some superb choices for containers and small garden spaces.  Along with her program Cheryl will provide an updated list to reflect the best new hydrangeas introductions and a few lesser known species for the adventurous gardener.

Ms. Monroe is a licensed educator who follows the science of plant research, new plant introductions and garden trends.  She strives to have a beautiful pest-free gardens on her one-acre plot in central Massachusetts. Her lectures are not only informative but spiced with humor and fun.

The Amherst Garden Club meets at the Messiah Lutheran Church at 303 Route 101 in Amherst. The program will begin at 10:30. It is preceded by refreshments and open to the public at no charge.

Weather Note: If Amherst schools are cancelled due to weather, the club’s Daytime Meeting will also be cancelled.  If schools are only delayed, the Daytime meeting will be held as scheduled.


Exploring New England Wildflowers

Rivka SchwartzEvening Program

On Thursday May 2nd join the Amherst Garden Club for the evening presentation on “Exploring Our Wonderful New England Wildflowers” by Rivka Schwartz.

The flowers we see in our backyards, woods and fields have some amazing properties!  New Hampshire is home to a diverse flora ranging from showy asters to delicate orchids. In this presentation we will focus on a number of our flowers; enjoy their beauty, examine some of their interesting adaptations and discuss edible and medicinal properties where applicable.

Recipes will be shared.  Places to view will be suggested. There will be a slide show along with plants brought in for display.

About Rivka: “I have loved plants and the outdoors since I was a child. Since college I have been an environmental educator and enjoyed teaching at nature centers. As an herbalist, I also spend time creating healthy foods and herbal preparations and love sharing these skills with others. Every Spring, I lead the weekly Wildflower Walks at Beaver Brook in Hollis”.

“I studied herbal healthcare and am certified by the Mayo Clinic as a Wellness Coach.  Over the past 15 years I’ve been helping people with health concerns and taught about wellness issues and diet.  I have a holistic, herbal practice in Nashua and work with clients to improve their overall health and with preventive care”.

“My husband, Laurence and I, live in Nashua and have three adult sons”.

The meeting will take place at 7:00 pm at Parkhurst Place, 11 Veterans Road, Amherst, NH.  Public is welcome to attend at with no fee.





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