UPDATED: September 22, 2020




4 Cross Rd, Amherst, NH 03031

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Peabody Mill Environmental Center

66 Brook Road

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  • Homeschool Science Classes
  • Kids on Bikes is Back!
  • Full Moon Hikes


It was a wonderful start to baseball, soccer and creative arts this weekend. Be sure to check out the fall favorites: Kids on Bikes, Kingdom Trails Adult Trip, and Home School Science Classes. More tennis classes, art classes and science are on their way, so stay tuned.

We hope you have a fun filled week!

For Adults

Mountain Bike Trip

Enjoy the some of the best mountain biking in the country while spending time with fellow riders both on and off the trail. Accommodations will be at the Kingdom Farm Lodge where you will be able to relax, shower, and clean/fix your bike after a long days ride.

October 2-4     Adults 21+


Barre and Pilates

Keep up with your physical and mental health and well-being and Zoom Barre and Pilates classes with Shannon.

New Session Begins August 24th

Mondays from 6-7pm

Thursdays from 6-7pm

Saturdays from 9:30-10:30am


Beach Yoga

Strengthen and stretch in this class as you build your mind-body-spirit connection. The benefits of yoga and meditation include increased strength, flexibility and focus; and decreased stress and tension. This class includes gently flowing sun salutations, breath work, meditation and relaxation.

Saturdays 8am-9am


Full Moon Hike

Have you ever hiked in the woods at night without a flashlight? You will be amazed how well you can see in the full moonlight without one. Afterwards there will be hot coco or lemonade (depending on the season) around the fire, as well as stories to share.

October 3   All ages and families welcome.


For Kids

Compass of Writing

Do you love to write? Are you working on the next best selling story, book, or play?

Writing fiction or non-fiction is easy, fun, and so rewarding — both to the writer and the reader! Come learn the “compass” of good writing, with a touch of science!

October 14, 21, 28   Ages 8-13 (2 sessions)


Please bookmark this page and check back often. Updates are posted periodically or soon after we receive them.

Outdoor Eco Classroom

This fall PMEC is excited to offer outdoor programs that will compliment remote, online, and in-person learning. Using curriculum from our field trip, the PMEC educators have developed programming that is in line with the current curriculum standards. Students can come to PMEC to learn about science, nature, animals in the environment, and much more.

September 23   2nd–4th Graders



Home School Science

Welcome to Home School Science Class 2020! We are thrilled to be kicking off the Fall school year with an exciting Home School curriculum. The structure for each session includes, one hour Education and one hour Play/Social Interaction.

9/22,  10/20, 11/17   Ages 5-10 (2 sessions)



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